According to me, TheNIFTYFeed is the best thing happened to my trading life as the call and views provided are absolutely bang on always and tensions of Mr. Shubh is also seems genuine and good. I wish Shubh and TheNIFTYFeed tell all my best wishes. TheNIFTYFeed Team call is awesome, Till Now I am very satisfied working with you.

–Aashutosh Tripathy, From Delhi


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— Mr. Prakash Patel, From Ahmadabad


I have no hesitation to recommend TheNIFTYFeed service to anyone. Amazing results so far specially this monts call are on great 100%, Mr. Shubh has really good understanding of FII’s movements in NIFTY INDEX and Stocks and it make our life easier.

You become expert now 🙂 If you have any business idea , I am happy to become 1st customer. suggest you please start stock service soon.

— Mr.Naveen Sharma, From Mumbai


I am a hedge player….all my position are hedged ….low risk low profit…..I am not good in finding market movements ….You are dong many times good.

–Murugesh Nadar, From Mumbai


My feedback would be 101% genuine and it would be positively only. Because you really make people love to trade NIFTY futures again with courage.

I am happy that i am early bird in this. I think you could be a mentor and teach many people like us.

–Rijas, From Chenni


Your calls are excellent sir and also very confident.

–Ishwar Karnakot


TheNIFTYFeed Team view about market is very good. There is no words to say. Your service vision about helping market losers is excellent.

Sir Can you please start PMS on profit sharing basis. It is very useful for working person.

–Ms Raju , Hyderabad


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It’s remind me my goal what i want to do.

–Amit Kori, From Mumbai


Your advice on NIFTY are excellent. I am keen to work with you.

–Anuragh Rekhi, From Mumbai



I have just started following TheNiftyFeed and today has seen my first trade. What I have noticed that there is a method in place and strict levels to play upon. This is good.

Thank you

Mr. Sheikh Pervez Hameed, Business Man


I like the way you trade in NIFTY future. Sometimes you may delay taking profit but most times you are doing it right. Please keep up the good work. Congratulation.

–Ramachandran M, From Chenni


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