How it works:

TheNIFTYFeed Team believe in Compounding refers to a multi-dynamic process where you invest money only once and then generate regular income from it by keeping the profit within the system for longer period of time. For example if you have invested a 1000 in equity market which over the time earns you profit of 100 rs. Now you once again invest money in the equity market but the amount will be 1100 rs.

  1. Let’s have a flow chart


1) Start with 2 lots and book 1 lot for safer side and hold 1 lot till trend reverse.

2) If we get opportunity than will take again position and cover early and hold only one lot till trend reversal.

3) Your contribution is to give time daily 10-30 minutes as per the call and execute our strategy and recover your loss in 3 yrs.

Time (months) return 30% Capital 2 lacs Lots size
3 60000 260000 2
6 60000 320000 2
9 60000 380000 2
1 yrs 60000 440000 2
15 120000 560000 4
18 120000 680000 6
21 180000 860000 8
2 ys 240000 1100000 10
27 300000 1400000 14
30 420000 1820000 18
33 540000 2360000 22
3 yrs 660000 3020000 30
Note: Done!!! Now if you want you can continue with us or stop trading as you have already recovered your loss.

TheNIFTYFeed team believe proactive asset allocation is the key to sound long-term investment performance.TheNIFTYFeed team’s depth research we monitor economic and market conditions and give you regular reports and valuations suggesting re balancing your investment in order to maintain the original growth profile. we as a team working towards the wealth creation through the NIFTY future trading.
TheNIFTYFeed team respect your money and understand what it means and how sensitive subject it is. So here we strive to create a sense of security and create a bond of trust.

We are offering five services :-

  1. Want To Recover My Loss


2.Want To Learn and Earn NIFTY Future Trading


3.Want Second Source Of Income


4.Want To Be Financially Independent


5.Want To Create Wealth From NIFTY FUTURE Trading



The ‘Nifty Futures’ is the most widely traded futures instrument, thus making it the most liquid contract in the Indian derivative markets and within the Indian derivatives world, the Nifty Futures has a very special place.Once you get comfortable with futures trading I would imagine, like many of us you too would be actively trading the Nifty Futures.
As we know the futures instrument is a derivative contract that derives its value from an underlying asset. In the context of Nifty futures, the underlying is the Index itself. Hence the Nifty Futures derives its value from the Nifty Index. This means if the value of Nifty Index goes up, then the value of Nifty futures also goes up. Likewise if the value of Nifty Index declines, so would the Index futures.

Why we trade in NIFTY Future

  1. NIFTY Future acts as a barometer of the whole economy
  2. NIFTY Future going up indicates that the market participants are optimistic
  3. NIFTY Future going down indicates that the market participants are pessimistic
  4. NIFTY Future can be used for a variety of purposes – information, bench marking, trading and hedging.
  5. NIFTY Future trading is probably the most popular use of the NIFTY index

For futures, contracts can be settled in two ways:


We help you to know the right entry, right exit and right profit target.

 Despite Ups and Downs TheNIFTYFeed team Have Made Money

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