How TheNIFTYFeed team works to make money for client.

TheNIFTYFeed Team believe in Compounding refers to a multi-dynamic process where you invest money only once and then generate regular income from it by keeping the profit within the system for longer period of time. For example if you have invested a 1000 in equity market which over the time earns you profit of 100 rs. Now you once again invest money in the equity market but the amount will be 1100 rs.

Let’s have a flow chart

1) Start with 2 lots and book 1 lot for safer side and hold 1 lot till trend reverse.

2) If we get opportunity than will take again position and cover early and hold only one lot till trend reversal.

3) Your contribution is to give time daily 10-30 minutes as per the call and execute our strategy and recover your loss in 3 yrs.

Time (months) return 30% Capital 2 lacs Lots size
3 60000 260000 2
6 60000 320000 2
9 60000 380000 2
1 yr 60000 440000 2
15 120000 560000 4
18 120000 680000 6
21 180000 860000 8
2 yrs 240000 1100000 10
27 300000 1400000 14
30 420000 1820000 18
33 540000 2360000 22
3 yrs 660000 3020000 30
Note: Done!!! Now if you want you can continue with us or stop trading as you have already recovered your loss.

Who can trade join TheNIFTYFeed team

#.investor should have capital of minimum of 1.5 lacs
#.Investor need margin for 1 lots 65000/-Recommended investment (2 lacs)
#.investor should be ready to take risk of (7000-14000) if stop loss trigger
#.investor should wait to book profit as per our strategy (300 points =22500/-)

Trade with TheNIFTYFeed Team – Trade with Confidence
–TheNIFTYFeed Team

I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful

–Warren Buffett

90 % of the people in the stock market, professionals and amateurs alike, simply haven’t done enough homework

–William J.O’Neil.


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