How To Identify Winning Stocks Post Quarterly Results

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Why Long Term Investing Is A Myth

I have been investing for a little over 10 years. Often people ask what are the best stocks for long term investments? That statement according to me gives rise to more risk than reward. The simple reason being, the longer you hold on to a stock, the higher the risk you acquire. First is the time value risk, and then comes the business risk.

Why Wait For 3 Years When It Can Be Done In 3 Months

Would you prefer a 30% return in in 3 years or 15% in 3 months? Smart Investing is all about generating the best returns in the shortest period of time. My mission has always been to dig deep into the financial details of a company, because that is where the truth lies.

Smart Investing Rules For Quick Returns

Smart Investing is an intelligent game, and at the top level, where the rules are made and altered, there is Big Money.Big Money makes its own rules and profits no matter what the chart or any individual trader says. Big Money also creates news to divide the market in which people argue over everything except what is really true of the stock.

Learn The Smart Investing Techniques

Being an investor and Intelligent investing are two different aspects. Intelligent Investing is about knowing the Big Money Rules. Below are a few points to get an insight into Big Money Rules

  • Pick Up A Stock (Based on Smart Investing Techniques)
  • Buy it to create wealth, not to hold it for long term
  • Find out the company’s financial blueprint.
  • Avoid spending time on analyzing the market.
  • Do not listen to experts, brokers television or newsletters

Once you understand the rules and reprogram yourself, you will decide how much money you will make and not be left at the mercy of the market.

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