Selling #NIFTY FUTURE POSITIONAL 17-March-2016

Trade 30: We are selling 50% at 7505 level  (NIFTY Fund Performance)

Our call in nifty future: ( Please click on Blog Title to see the modified entry and exit in comment section below of the page )

DATE Buy/Sell Entry Price SL Our Exit1 Our EXIT2 Lots Profit/Loss
17-Mar-2016 sell 7505 7630 7430 7308 2 Closed

Trade Execution Details :

Entry Exit
Date Time Price Date Time Price Profit
 17-Mar-2016  3:21PM  7505
Total  Profit 16

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6 thoughts on “Selling #NIFTY FUTURE POSITIONAL 17-March-2016

  1. TheNIFTYFeed says:

    We are holding nifty sell position with NIFTY spot SL 7589 if not breaking today we will carry forward the position…if breaking before 2:30PM. We will take long position…..

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